Strategies: Therapy and more!

Individual Therapy Sessions

Dr R S Sodhi and Mitali Akarte Kokate together facilitate individual therapy sessions with clients. It’s a unique style of working wherein there is a dynamic process operating at the conscious and other than conscious levels. The clients’ issues for therapy range from emotional to relationship and physical to spiritual.

Online Support and Therapies

We conduct online therapy sessions using Skype and telephonic sessions are offered too.  These sessions involve Chakra healing, EFT tapping, NLP, Visualizations, Affirmations, Tarot and Pendulum dowsing – all from the comforts and privacy of your location anywhere around the globe.

Group Therapy Sessions

 Group therapy sessions are conducted for people with similar issues like hypertension, performance anxiety, stress, weight loss, etc. The group energy building up to beautiful insights and resolutions of issues is phenomenal and worth experiencing.


We integrate our knowledge and expertise to suit the demands of people, both personal and professional. Apart from individual and group therapy, we offer workshops ranging from topics like weight loss, financial abundance on a personal front to effective team building, stress management in the corporate setting. Appreciating the uniqueness of individuals and groups, our workshops are also organised to meet special and unique needs of a group or a company. Our workshops are dynamic and energetic, with us possessing a flair to connect to the participants at deeper levels to facilitate healing and change.