Past Life Regression Therapy

  • January 06, 2016
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I have been extremely curious since my childhood about the possibility of having multiple lives. What if I too had a past life? What if I could see and remember that life? What if I see being connected to my loved ones in that life too? Little did I know that this quest would take me to an unending adventure and make me view the concept of past lives beyond curiosity. Here I am today, conducting past life regression therapies with clients for therapeutic and healing purposes on a regular basis.

As fancy as it may sound, I choose to believe that we have been here before and we will be here again. Apart from the innate knowing, numerous experiences of having undergone past life regressions and vividly remembering my past lives, there is a lot of research being done in this field. One of the most noteworthy one is by Dr Ian Stevenson, MD. He studied almost 2500 children who reported past life memories. In approximately 1200 of these cases, Dr. Stevenson was able to objectively validate the child’s past life memories.

Another brilliant jewel in this field is Dr Brian Weiss, MD, who popularised the concept of past life regression and brought it to the masses through his books esp. Many Lives, Many Masters; Through Time into Healing, Only Love is Real and many more.

Ron Van der Maesen (1999) conducted an evidence based research and worked with fifty-four clients who had reoccurring disturbing voices or thoughts. At a six month follow up, 25% found the disturbing voices disappeared, and a further 32% could now cope. Overall 80% had a positive subjective experience and would recommend this therapy for reoccurring problems to others.

The good news is all of these researchers mentioned above are top-notch in their field of Psychiatry. They have been trained in the scientific view of physical and mental symptoms. And yet, the phenomenon of past lives is beyond the scientific logic and explanation.

In my practice with Dr Sodhi, I have seen physical, emotional and mental issues dissolve with past life regression therapy. Personally, I have experienced miraculous results myself through these regressions. Last month, I had persistent cough for about a month which got resolved through this technique. I saw a past life in which I had committed suicide by gulping down a bottle of poison. As I was made to relive it and the effect of the poison going down my throat was released energetically, the cough disappeared almost instantly. This was one of the sessions where I had experienced immediate relief following the session.

Many clients are baffled when they see their own past life. They ask us whether it is their imagination or is it real. Dr Sodhi has a classic answer to this. He says that if one were to imagine, why wouldn’t she/he imagine all good things? Why would one imagine sad, poor or dramatic lives providing a clue to her/his problem? Well, he has a point there. To me, frankly, it doesn’t matter. I don’t care if it was a past life or a figment of my imagination. I would not sit and google the details, the names, the years, the place that I saw in my regression. Even if it is my imagination, it shows a projection which is dealt with any way. After all, there has to be a reason for having that particular kind of projection. Whether these past lives are real, projections or stories, they sure provide a window to heal, to evolve…That’s what makes this regression therapy one of my favourites. It touches my soul to see people connecting to their Higher Selves, getting guidance and beautiful pearls of wisdom. They emerge out of the sessions with marvellous insights and amazing clarity. With every past life regression therapy that we facilitate, the eternity of the soul is exemplified and reiterated before us.

– Mitali Akarte Kokate, Dr Sodhi’s Enhancers.