Exploring the Causes!

All of our experiences, from current life and before are stored in our subconscious and unconscious mind. Using Past life Regression and Age Regression Therapy, the cause of any issue is explored. Most of the times, these events are repressed in the subconscious and the unconscious. If the cause lies in the current life of the client, it is revisited using Age Regression, the thought dealt with and emotions released. The structure of the issue then collapses and resolution is achieved. Right from conception to early childhood is an important period in our lives. First impressions are formed, templates stored in our minds during this period. Hence, many issues which trouble us now can be traced back to our childhood.

If the cause lies in a past life, memories are brought about from that period using Past Life Regression and dealt with. Firstly, the past life is revisited, followed by therapy where resolution is achieved from a soul’s perspective facilitating effective changes.

At Dr Sodhi’s Enhancers, Thane, Dr Sodhi and Mitali Akarte Kokate have successfully resolved many issues using Past Life Regression Therapy. They have dealt with money issues, career problems, relationship and intimacy issues, spiritual concerns, fears, phobias, anxiety, acute pain, asthma, etc. having their roots in past lives. The resolutions that come about using Past Life Regression Therapy are beautiful learnings and the clarity that clients get from these sessions is unparalleled coming from a higher perspective.