It's all about the Energy!

Pendulum dowsing is a way to connect to one’s unconscious and the superconscious. It is a bridge between our left (logical) and right (creative) brain. With the help of a pendulum, we can get insights into our own psyche and make sense of our surroundings. Some also refer to this activity as ‘divining’ as it is believed that through pendulum dowsing one can connect to the Divine energy source and get answers or information. Pendulum acts as an antenna which picks up information from vibrations and energy waves transmitted by thoughts, objects, people and places.

At Dr Sodhi’s Enhancers, we offer pendulum dowsing services, in person or online, for:

  1. Decision making – everyday to crucial ones.
  2. Future predictions.
  3. Scanning thebody chakras.
  4. Scanning the energy of a house.
  5. Scanning the energy of a workplace.
  6. Reaching and resolving the core issue.

We have conducted pendulum dowsing for many a houses, workplaces, shops and industries. As the energy is reviewed, corrections are also made to enhance the flow of positive energy. Dr Sodhi and Mitali Akarte Kokate have devised their own way of performing pendulum dowsing of places. It is a gift that they are blessed with which makes the whole process come easily and naturally to them.